Saturday, February 6, 2010

feb 2nd and 3rd


had bar trivia last night was super fun. At the end of round two we had a break and at that point we didn't know two questions- what is the capital of wales? And who was the lady of the lamp? And the guy who was doing it said something like lets have a change of pace, you ask me questions...and jokingly I asked him what the capital of wales is. And he was all like oh that's an easy one and then told me the answer then stopped and caught himself in the mistake was hilarious during the break I ran upstairs and looked up the lady of the lamp question- Florence Nightingale- and ya know after reading it I did know that. Oh and the questions were general knowledge for 6-11 year olds it was like “are you smarter then a 5th grader” but without all the math and . Well we were 'team America-Fuck yeah!' it was good fun. We weren't sure which war the Somme battle was fought in...we knew it was french though...i think we said WWI- but we did get In the end we tied for first with the Australian we each picked representatives for a tie breaker . I got volunteered and the announcer told us that he was going to read a question if I knew the answer I had to raise my hand and yell fuck yeah! If she knew it to yell Vegemite! He told us to put our hands on our buzzers which turned out to be his knees lol and Kelly was video taping all of this and the question was “what is used to transform sound waves into electrical current?” we both paused for a beat- completely lost and I shot up my hand, screamed fuck yeah and said “what is a microphone?” (damn geek jeopardy XP ) and I was right and there was screaming and hugging and high 5's everywhere. Everyone on our team got two buy one get one free drink token slips … I gave mine to the table cause I wasn't going to use them then us girls went over and danced with some of the Spanish (?) girls

mmm om nom I am going to miss black current jam after this ...I wonder if the Pig has it... I'll have to ask Michael. Worried I might be getting sick though my throat felt horrible last night...le sigh. Going to the globe today and to see War Horse, hopefully book tickets today. Oh and I just found out you can post vid and pics straight to blogger so once I get better internet I can put stuff fun

~6:20 pm
at the Hercules Pillars Bar getting dinner

...went to the globe and then over to the Tate Modern Museum saw some Picasso, Duchamp, Warhol and this really interesting exhibit based on the Anime “Ghost in the Shell” it was both really interesting and depressing.

(for some reason I took like no pictures in the Tate)

Speaking of Anime though they had a Manga section of Shakespearean plays, way cool.

(War Horse!)

~8:30 pm intermission of War Horse. People next to me don't get it...le sigh...not enough “realism” I guess- this is a very stylized show and all I've heard form peeps are complaints. Cause some of the puppet horses, the back ground ones are only like the front half of the horse. Oh and the backdrop is like a torn piece of paper across and they have been playing projections like sketch work on it the whole show to help show the scene changes. I think the show is just beautiful, bad seats or no bad seats- cause we're way on stage left in a balcony and the railing is in front of all the action of stage left and a lot of stuff is going on over there right at the beginning- but it seems to be getting shoes and socks are sopping feet feel so nasty. I can't wait to get back.

war horse was amazing. Made me cry though and I was the first one on my feet in our group for the standing ovation that was scattered through out the crowd...I really think they deserved it.. So good planing on seeing Cat on a Hot Tin Roof at 3 tom and then Lion King at 7:30 XD



walking through Kensington park- good weather.

Just finished up at the natural history museum, it was actually quite fun and only took us an hour and 20 where as people kept saying it took them 2-23 hrs.

off to Drury Lane to look for a TKS booth-

huh just saw a bird that kinda looks like a parrot...speaking of birds it is like a cacophony of bird calls here and in the midst of this I just heard someones ring tone which was the shower scene from psycho – felt surrounded by Hitchcock

just saw a swan scratch it's head with it's foot... lol

the trees are so cool here knobbly and twisty and old

had a “lost in London” adventure, but I found batteries and a free ATM so all is good. Went from Kensington over to the south wharf

finally found Paddinton station and am now working my way over to Holburn to find Drury lane aka theatre land :D hopefully pick up some tickets for either today or Friday or Saturday actually. Should have brought my homework well it would have been too heavy anyways. Stupid book, had a really tasty Belgium Muffin though :) mmmmm and past my first lingerie place and a place selling bongs lol- well my station is up soon hopefully I find tickets

god it's good to sit down- well lion king was sold out but I got a decent ticket for Cat tom night. I think I might look up some cinema times tonight. I have film critiques to write :) but holy crap I've walked every freakin where today and my feet are so upset with the world- spend almost all day by myself, it was actually quite nice- found this adorable retro shop that ken was telling me about- snuck some pics and bought a vest for 10 pounds. It's way cute and I can use it for steampunk I think

- well time to book my flight...oh so cool- the guy next to me is in a full suit and tie with tennies on

ticket purchased now I need to find away to print my boarding pass to make life easier- mrrrr I think my ankles are swollen not cool – well homework time


I know I'm behind please forgive...I have 15 more journal pages to type before I'll be up to date so here's a snipet


  1. good to hear some more stuff honey... sounds like this trip keeps getting better and better and I know you will find some black current jam here someplace... it is not all that rare :) War Horse sounds very interesting... too bad the rest of the group could not appreciate it.

    sorry to hear you are feeling bum. Hope that passes soon, don't forget to drink some citris every now and then
    love you

  2. You probably did see a parrot maddie, theres a massive feral population of Green parrots and rose ringed parrots in london , rumour has it they were released after a film finished filming at ealing and have bred.Theres one Rugby pitch where they roost at night and there are literally thousands of them.


  4. Mum thanks for the link... you always were a great web searcher. I am pretty good, but I bow to the Queen :) and Maddie that would be an interesting thing to add to that massive paper you need to write about this experience :)