Monday, February 1, 2010


continued from 1/30/2010

lol just got whistled at while I was walking to the loo...I guess I shouldn't wander in my pj's.


2:11 am Just had my first drink...ever... not bad either [it was a VK Vodka Orange...i have the label in my] I was told it's basically a screwdriver in a bottle lol... I felt very much in London standing at the bar watching a football game (soccer of course) with pints on either side of me. Had fun hanging out with peeps though

(Kyle found out about this occasion and decided that I needed a photograph to prove it...even though i had already finished it and peeled the label off)

trip back from the loo...hallway was filled with 3-5 boys all fit and in just boxer briefs talking to Kelly- I believe the boys were having a room “party” and all you could wear was your underwear...apparently Swedish

ok that was terrifying alarm went off around 8:55 and my heart is still racing...smells like burnt toast though and no one is evacuating so we think we're good.

in the national Gallery, just saw Van Gough's Sunflowers and Monet's Water lilies- just about died...omg!

waiting outside the Odeon for the UK premiere of Invictus- going to hopefully see Morgan Freeman, Matt Damon and Clint Eastwood XD

picked up my London patch and just found out we're standing behind the barrier where the interview is happening...we might be on British TV...swanky

freaking out- just got interviewed by a reporter! And our little American group totally cheered the loudest, out of like everyone there. Freezing out and the rugby cup just went by and got pics – that was fun- very frozen though (GMTV station that interviewed me)

(god I looked stupid why did no one tell me!?!)


got some profile and back of the head shots of the big 3 last night. Morgan Freeman even did a little dance- he was the nicest out of the 3 for paying attention to the screaming crowd behind them.

(Morgan Freeman)

(Matt Damon)

(Clint Eastwood...this is Rob's photo...because all of mine were just of his luscious

(as you can see here)

Thought we lost Emily in the crowd afterward but it turns out she got a signature from Matt Damon and when we walked back to look for her we saw a “rugby riot” outside the Piccadilly tube- group of rowdy guys yelling and waving flags and the police around them. It was fun lol. Put milk in my tea this morning- it's actually quite good. Plans are after class to go to the British museum, book our flight to Amsterdam and see is we can't find Diagon alley.

went to the British museum today-

for 3 hours- it was awesome, saw the Rosetta stone

-so cool and they had a whole room for clocks and it was awesome- nearly had a heart attack when I turned my back on the big clock and it went off- so freakin loud – I jumped. And they had this really sweet one that has like a ball bearing that went back and fourth on a track every 30 secs.

Took soooooooo many pictures though. Then went to find a cafe with wifi and the first place totally wouldn't let us on and the outlet didn't work at the second place so my battery died before I could do anything...although the hot chocolate I had to get for free wifi has got to be the cutest drink I have ever soon...super depressing.

Although I ate at a pizza place for lunch today super delicious. And had some cherry soda that tasted like I was drinking carbonated candied cherries Super tired though blarg...hopefully pics will see facebook soon

~7:27 back is killing me...although I did find out I can strap my day bag around my waist which was so nice cause my shoulder felt like it was going to explode...

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  1. lol drinking maddie :-P all growed up. Even if you cant get your pics up till you get back at least you will have them and can show everyone ^_^