Monday, February 15, 2010



~ ??:??am
mmmmm bought butter rolls and a hunk of cheddar-

very good and should cover my lunch the rest of the week till Amsterdam. Also know for sure I'm in Rob's room at the hostel it's like 13 euro a night w00t! Just need to book my train then to the airport. Going down Piccadilly to hopefully see the Van Gouh exhibit but it might be 12 pounds so we'll see- hanging out down their until Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, only heard good things, excited and wish it was warmer so I could dress nicer. Apparently.- it's 20 degrees cooler in Berlin, sad day hmmmm I forgot I needed a hand written journal for INTS, maybe I can pick one up today- just a small one though, only need to do 3 entries a week with 14 weeks or so 29 entries or so. :P gah it's hot on the tube. Might see a movie tom maybe. Nowhere boy, the beginnings of John Lennon

decided to chill out at this cute mall instead, out side the history studio's old time portraits place eating Turkish delight, which is really quite good

fell into a bit of a marketing ploy, though I think it's worth it- XD see I've been accepting anything anyone hands me, it's been fun but I got this picture thing and the photo was free and all sooo- lol

mmmm strawberry Turkish Delight- I got a mish mash of stuff-few flavors of Delight and some dried fruit- this was fun-hmmm- sun dried banana is kinda gross- lets try something else...mmm dried kiwi is I think they are having some technical difficulties good thing I still have a half hour before I should leave, poor woman's on the phone with someone. I feel bad although maybe I'll get a discount lol- wow dried papaya is very tart. Oh the dried strawberry is very good. Mango's good as always. Oh side note the public toilets in this mall cost a pound, they're also the baby changing station, sad day for parents but I got a pic for urine town goodness lol

...holy crap there's a whole 'nother floor I haven't been to....oh mans- that clothing shop-like a hot topic style kinda- was selling top hats and bowlers at 50 pounds a piece- so cool!!!

wow these escalators are really shoty. This is like a huge arcade, I enjoy that all of the “quarter” machines are 2 pence and 5 pence lol...shoots and ladders is adders and ladders...with snakes tee hee

this place is intense: arcade, bowling, bumper cars, cinema...---ooo Claire's is going to have an Alice in wonderland product chain- oh and they have a sweet internet cafe here, it's all cyber techie.

Oh that's a cool idea-they're rhinestone necklaces that look like neck ties but shorter-got a pic – way cool, might be able to bead something like it :D

intermission for Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. It's really good so far, just gorgeous and the set is so cool. The scrim in the back is all ivy dripped trees, so pretty – oh and some guys from our group are here too, and the seats by them were still open so I moved up like 10 rows and found people who I XD...guy behind me, who was in a t-shirt and recently said “dude they sell ice cream here!” just offered me some chips...aka crisps. These people are awesome- the ones behind us are talking about making beer floats ROFL oh and the rose Turkish Delight is quite good

I really like the attention to detail with the lighting. The moon is on stage right with this beam streaming into the room and you can see the shadows of the clouds drifting by on the light on the bed sheet

Waiting at the stage door X)

(fun fact: this was pretty much the first time Nate and I ever spoke to each other)


waiting in the theatre for Les Misirables,

set looks so cool so far- it's weird to see grimy France creeping into this gilded angel filled theatre

(sorry it's so blurry...was trying to be discrete)

intermission, before the show I went over to Trocadero Mall and picked up my stuff- it's so cool

(It's me!...made of bubbles! a key-chain!...although unfortunately it was lost in the mail...poor me floating around somewhere in a mail room.)

and went over to TokyoToys and was tempted to get pocky lol- Nate got a Bleach key chain and we admired the wooden swords lol...finished one essay and have another one tonight after the show- only 3 pages though and it's a critique so not so bad although I'm tired now- le sigh- oh and sooo much fog here- I think I've inhaled at least a gallon. Oh and this is the 25th year Les Mis has been playing on the west end- last show in London maybe- got some Hoagen-Dazs...very good X)...mmmmm



~10:55 am
finally got my paper written and I found out I write about 2 pages long hand for every 1 page typed and double spaced- lol I might write my Germany paper by hand seeing as it'd only be like 7 typed pages instead of 15 lol

holy crap nearly got blown down a set of tube stairs because of a wind tunnel draft- crazy scary, jeeze...7 stops glad I brought my book lol and got a seat- man my legs are sore though mainly just my right thigh

I love British fashion, just saw a guy wearing red chucks, skinny dark blue jeans, a white 70's tux shirt and a maroon velvet bow tie...and short spiky black hair

oooo and a men's gray wool trench with a couple of great vintage costume jewelry pins

at the market, and everything in London is steampunk...XD told myself I can't buy anything over 10 pounds lol...oh mans they have a stereoscope here....ah! So cool...eeee they have a Victorian photo album...sham it's 55 pounds and fragile- oh they know my weakness- skeleton keys- there are soooo many vintage clothing stores......
….my god this clothing store is lined with singer sewing machines, the old black ones like mom has at home...:'( wont let me take pics though sads...the shelves are bobbin winders I a pic of the outside at least :D...

...oh and this is the Portabello Market Although I did pick up a cheep pocket watch today...7 pounds, the ones for 5 were lame and had monuments on them...but same watches elsewhere were 10 pounds, so I got a good deal :D

....hmmm Qype- what is it?

holy craps I saw a bat in the tube- swanky, and cause Berlin is 20 degrees cooler then here and I've been cold here I got the coolest sweatshirt known to man- pics soon- it has kimono like sleeves and a ginormous hood sooo cool...

(trying it on...documenting the crazyness of it before I had decided to buy it)

(Action Shot!)

oh and I got a stereoscope slide for 3's of Niagara Falls very pretty-

oh and had a delicious sandwich for a pound- ham and cheese melt on ficata bread, so good- ooo I get to eat dinner in the hostel today fun fun- I have like 4 tokens right now- lol- can't wait for the funny look I'll get with my sweatshirt though XD- although an interesting fashion here are pants with like a 2 inch inseam, so they're like bags with ankle holes they're so weird- sigh I hope the tube comes soon



~ 9:24 am
on the tube going to Westminster...right next to the clock tower- going on a boat tour over to Greenwich and get to see the prime meridian.

(just got off the tube)

(Chillin on the boat)

Last night was fun, sept for me panicking like mad when I came in at 1:00 am and my comp wouldn't turn on...turns out the outlets are shot but I think it's the whole hallway, cause we weren't the only room

just took pics on the prime meridian...

(not just any pics...Jumping Pics!)

Note: look up Harrison's time keepers, as well as Riefler's precision clock and Shortt's free pendulum clock

~9:45 pm
went beach combing while waiting for the boat. So much fun. Like 5 seconds after walking down Nate and I found a femur followed by a giant rib it was crazy. We think they might be like cow or horse or something like that, although we found a jaw bone that looked kinda like a deer/small horse like animal of some sort. I did pick up a few teeth though. A very large molar- like horse/ox type, a smaller molar, a front tooth that is from some herbivore, and a rodent tooth- similar to beaver but darker brown. I also found a couple very small poetry shards and a rock full of holes. Then as we were looking around we started finding clay pipe shards. I have like a kagillion of them. I'm thinking jewelry-maybe a couple of pieces for Etsy XD anywho-trying to pack blarg

(all the cool stuff I found!)


  1. I still think you are going to need another bag before you get done. So glad to finally hear an update and of course cannot wait for more. You missed the part about getting James Earl Jones and Felecia Rashad's autograph at that stage door you were waiting at

    love you honey

  2. oh and honey just what is a poetry shard?
    "My love is lik.." or "nce upon a midn"

    ok I just figured out you meant pottery... my bad!

    I just hope you don't have to declare dead stuff

  3. I hope I don't have to declare dead stuff too...but they are well shoved in my checked luggage I think I will be ok