Wednesday, March 3, 2010

2/8 - 2/19 2010

2/8/2010 London

~6:45 pm
bargle- flight got delayed from 5:05 to 6:30- and our check in time is pry going to be before we get to the there is a baby in the seat behind me and he grabbed my sleeve from between the seats...I looked back and he was smiling at me. We had a good little laugh. Man my back hurts though, I threw all of my books and stuff in my carry on and had to put my purse inside that bag as well due to EZJet being uncool so my bag is super heavy- ick and I had all of my heavy stuff in that bag cause I wanted to make sure my checked baggage was under the 20 k weight limit- it was 18...wish I had known earlier I would have thrown some books in it. Planes taking off- sitting here talking to Nate, and eating a dark chocolate orange I picked up at the airport- so good


9;00am (Amsterdam)

Hostel report- shoddy but fun, were at the top of 4 flights of a spiral staircase-

sucked for baggage actually- but everyone's stuff got in- 6 people in my room: Nate, Rashad, David, Kyle, Rob and me....

I know Brad, Brady, TO, Ally, Philip, and I think two other people whose names I can't recall are in the third floor room- off to eat our free breakfast- no food/trash in the rooms though- as it attracts mice

breakfast was alright...make your own processed ham and cheese melt- which was good and some toast with strawberry jam, although I accidentally put coffee creamer in my cereal...way nasty....I am no good at this reading foreign language business.

boys are all giddy over the beer shop with 940

at the Anne Frank Haus-

there was supposed to be a student discount but they said it was a misprint- the adult ticket was 8 eurro but I told them I was 17 and got mine of 4 ;) - pays to be short and look young- it's nice to be someplace warm though

sitting around drinking tea ...I got Lapsang Souchong and added milk sugar and honey to it – it tastes good and smells woodsy, my exact phraseology was “ it tastes like I'm drinking the forest!” lol

just saw a sigh...”sorry we're open”
bought my Amsterdam patch and a coin purse- too many eurro cents

at the vodka museum and they have a shot glass chess set- lol- heard it's an easy chess game to loose...I wonder

(for some reason I forgot to mention that we went to the sex museum as well that day)

11:41 pm
man we are in a sketchy hotel- just saw a mouse in the lobby/dining area lol- and 2 out of our three keys don't work so well



at the Van Gogh museum- so cool- huh-Van Gogh's sunflowers were painted for Gauguin's bedroom- in order to brighten it up- only 5 remain and I've seen two XD

1:45- oooo Toulouse Latrec painting- Man I wish I felt better- I think I'm dehydrated, a Gauguin- Gauguin's portrait of Vincent painting sunflowers- I remember looking this one up for my really can see a lot of the canvas, a few Monets and an Edouard Manet, a Picasso- ooo this one by Jan Slvijters is interesting- two Women Embracing- quite a few- Emile Bernard's a gorgeous mirror done by him though ooo and Odilion Redon's The Buddha is quite nice as well, hmmm is James Abbott Mac Neill Whistler the same Whistler I know?....ooooo-Seurat

sitting in the station waiting to validate our Eurail passes-

walked though the Red Light district to get here and found out the other group's hostel isn't just near the Red Light's in the middle of it lol- had to pay my first 50 cents for the Loo today though...doing pretty good about finding free bathrooms though...stupid railway stations trying to takes my moneys X)

at Sarah's Pancake House awaiting my bacon and pineapple pancake- sounded yummy- and they have this like raisin sauce here that's thicker then molasses but soooooo very tasty



pancake was delicious- went down to the Red Light District last night with the boys- it certainly was an experience- and then we chilled around at the girls hotel while they smoked...air was pretty clean though so I think I'm sitting on the train after walking 25 minutes to the shoulders are killing me...bargle- I'm kinda starting to feel like I have too much stuff- ah well I can carry it all up 5 flights of spiral staircase (73 steps to be exact) so I should be fine anywhere else we go....we'll see...ah I should tell you the major stories of the weekend- I think I forgot to mention them earlier-

day one- Rob leaves his computer bag on the tram- after checking in and he has tried calling them he goes out to chase down the tram...from what we were told he got on one and explained his predicament and this tram sped along and dropped him off at the stop that should be just ahead of the tram we all were on- Rob got on our tram just as the ticket taker was looking through his bag- later that night a couple of the guys went to walk around the block- came back in saying they just ran from a drug dealer trying to sell them cocaine...

Day 2- Rashad got in a small altercation after the pub crawl- apparently (I was asleep for this) he came in around 1 or so and was telling Nate he beat this guy up- in the morning I and the rest of the room were told he was lost and asked this guy for directions and the guy punched him in the jaw...they exchanged a couple of blows and Rashad walked away

(at least they didn't forget about me while they were all out on the pub crawl :D )

accident up the line- they'll be a delay, good thing we got on the early train- at least we're warm

finally got moving...hope the other guys caught their train

looking out the window at the country really does look a lot similar to Wisconsin here...I get why the Germans settled there



8:37 am (Berlin)

sitting eating breakfast and making a pack lunch- this hostel rocks- dinner was real food too. XD super snowy out though and apparently we're going to watch part of a movie they are showing on the Brandenburg gate- like literally on it...a screen outdoors and everything.

The kick off for the film festival- wonder what movie we're watching- all I know is that it's silent- fun fun

oh man's we're going to see Metropolis with the original score played by an orchestra

wow- I am standing on top of where Hitlers bunker is and where he committed suicide...


saw metropolis last night- David and I were the only ones from our group that stayed till the bitter end-

Nate made it half way though and I was trying to translate what was going on- seeing as it was in German- ah well. David really liked it and I enjoyed the was great- just freezing. Mein gut- will it ever stop snowing out?- bargle. Nate didn't come down for breakfast- he doesn't have film so that's pry why- I think I might pack him a lunch if he doesn't show

standing in line to try and get tickets for the film festival- shutter Island is sold out but I want to try and get tickets for The Illusionist (same peeps as The triplets of Belvile) and Summer Wars (same peeps as The Girl Who Lept Through Time) I'd also like to see Uchu Show E Yokoso (same peeps as Tekenkinkreet) but it's playing on the day we leave so depending on my travel plans I might catch it...although fun story we might take a day trip up to Denmark on Wednesday for kicks and


9:25 am
last night was fun...hung out with Nate after Dinner- and he got all antsy and I got to watch him go through some martial arts forms- very cool- lol- he was complaining about there not being enough room to do some of his favorite stuff lol. We met a guy from southern German though...i think his name was Phillip. Then we found out there was a party going on in like every other room- so we hung out in Nate's room- watching peeps drink- then they watched Lost while I sketched- I got some mad sketching compulsion though- I had to draw but I had fun- did this crazy collage thing of stuff that was in front of me.
Happy Valentines Day world :)

just realized that Nate sounds exactly like Jon Gelleta- Laughs the same and everything- love it- lol

sitting in the cinemax going to see idea what it's about- Greg informed me- Documentary- and there is an artist making stuff out of a waste heap...sounds fun


12:23 pm
Movie was awesome- internet is still down though XP drew a bunch on the tour yesterday- I think Nate's ear turned out the especially cause most of the shading was done on a train lol. Had our first rehearsal this morning- that was fun. Then I did my laundry and like a good geek got Laundry Day stuck in my head- lol just chillin- being board and waiting for peeps to do something

2:35- look up Cristo and Jeanne- Claude


well it certainly has been awhile since I wrote...hmmm what's gone on. You know, not too much....just been chilling around with people- and went to the Film Hous on a tour- the first room was filled with mirrors it was so insanely cool

the rest of the museum was cool as well but I could have spent all day in that mirror room. Tuesday night was really fun though, sat around in Nate's room with the other “outcasts”....the art people and such...they were all drinking good German beer- which is nasty- Nate claimed is as his goal for the trip to fix this problem of me not liking beer but I highly doubt he'll be very successful-lol. But we all had a real heart to heart, philosophical and epically awesome conversation- few favorite moments from the night were: Nate and I were chillin' while the boys were out on a beer run (btw our group has practically bought out the corner markets beer supply XP) and Nate said something about it being really peaceful right then and I said it was just the calm before the storm when all the boys would come traipsing back with their beer- 4 seconds later the boys came filling in through the door ROFL.

The other fun moment came from Josh, who was in bed starring at the ceiling when he blurts out “the ceiling doesn't have any bumps on it- how are we supposed to tell it isn't a wall?” lol which resulted in an entertaining conversation about it being a wall and we were flying/floating- super fun. Oh while I was in the TV lounge this morning some German boys were watching dubbed Malcolm in the's so weird to hear actors I recognize with a different voice and in a different language.

Currently watching CNN waiting for theatre class to get done- plan is to get tickets today- and maybe hit up the Dali museum also tonight is Thursday so museum island has 4 out of their 5 museums at free admission tonight- w00t. Been watching the Olympics like every night...the snow boarders certainly were having a rough night last night- lol just ate “Fruit of the Forest” flavored yogurt mmmmm...getting better at my fast sketching happy- still lifes are fun and all but I'm enjoying being able to draw people- the one detailed piece I've got is of sleeping people but I don't expect anyone here to sit still long enough for me to do more then scribble sketch them-lol

mar got this crazy hurting pain in my lower rib

(while getting lost trying to get to museum island we found all of these snowmen)

mans- in the old museum they had a “Greek” exhibit and a plaque with all of the different types of stones and marbles label as to what and where they were- way cool-
Museum notes----
Louis Corinth-1918-parties of armor in the studio
Adolph Menzel-the Iron Rolling Mill (Modern Cyclopes) 1875
oh craps I was obviously standing too close to the art- I think I just set off an alarm- o.O
William Hanilton-1976-From Shakespeare's the Tempest
Arnold Bockiln (with o umlot) -self portrait with death playing the fiddle
Arnold Brocklin- Landscape with castle ruins
Christopher Rohlfs- summer and Landscape near Weimar
Curt Herrmann- Belvedere Palace near Weimar



at the concentration camp tour and there is just something extremely unnerving about seeing a toppled over snowman in the center court of the camp...
at Sachsenhausen


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