Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jan-17th: Trial run for Vlog

ok so..this here is my crappy tester vid from youtube...and I set it to private so that means that there is a limit to 25 people who can view it....curently there are not more then 25 people reading this blog so I think this should be ok for the time being...ya?

we'll see how this'll work out in the long run...I'll pry put up another post tonight with an actual Vlog entry lol

let me know what you think...thanks everyone...real news to be added at a later date...;)

10 days



  1. Bawlz...apparently I fail at youtube....hmmmmm...I'll get back to you guys


    whatever...I'll just deal with random people on youtube...I don't look that interesting do I? some nice person who knows better can tell me what I'm doing wrong

  3. apologies for nothing linking automatically...I don't exactly know why....hmmmm