Friday, January 29, 2010

London jan-27th-29th

~time 9:20 (us)

Waiting in the plane-chewing my gum and feeling kinda Should be fine though just need to think of that, probably going to read to take my mind off of it.

take off went smoothly, bit of stomach lurch at the beginning though- very much so like a roller coaster- it's weird though- it feels like we're not really moving forward at all just side to side occasionally. Got an aisle seat though, that's nice, and currently a row all to myself- but that's because our tv's are on the fritz. We'll see if I feel up to a movie later- then I might move... and they're serving us a meal so that's good- well back to my book while I wait for food

dinner was good- had BBQ chicken- saved my salt and pepper and my utensils for later- never know when I'll need them and they're quite small. Feeling kinda tired though- think I'll spread out on my row of seats lol x _ x _ _ _ x
(girl taking pics out of the window) (me) (guy, vegetarian)
x x x (soon to be me)

(fairly certain girl taking pictures out the window was Kelly...stole these off her facebook)

(I believe this is Minneapolis)


woke up earlier to pins and needles stabbing pains in the top of my feet- really weird- have taken shoes off and seems to be better. Shortly before 1:00 the seat belt light went off- I already had mine on but it was a cacophony of clicking-wonder if I should wake up the boy next to me- but the plane doesn't seem to be jostling all that much...1st meal slightly out of the country and I already have acid reflex, don't know why though- it's weird. Debating whether or not to get my tums from the overhead compartment or just try sleeping again. Picked up a water bottle at the airport though and already had to fill it up before we boarded. Almost half gone now.

~4:50am (us)
woke up to announcement- making decent and got breakfast-win om nom nom – I am totally jacking the flight blanket though- it's really thin but very soft.

mmmm breakfast, there are a lot of clouds outside from what I can see and I think 20 mins till we land-time to dig out a new piece of gum

now that it's day light I can see the wing out of the window all I can think of is the twilight zone now- lol- wow is just got really foggy I'd like to point out that I slept like a rock. There were like flight attendants everywhere when I woke up yammering about coffee and tea -lol- only annoying thing id I think these 3 seats are like 5' and as I am 5'3” if left my knees at a weird half bent angle- ooo I can see city out the window


it's so green here- landing is defiantly not as bad a take off- just rumblely. Local time is 11:15(uk)

saw my first London pigeon-strutting around the runway :)

on the shuttle bus to the hostel- so weird to see a farm with horses right across from the airport... all of the cars are so tiny here XD wow- I don't know if it's because I'm used to seeing snow but the grass looks so much greener here, it's almost a dark lime- it's so warm here though- we probably look ridiculous running around without coats on... lol

going past all the little town houses, it looks so quaint, ok that was cool...just passed a white building with a blue tower like the Tashmahal...way cool. Every thing seems to be made of brick truck with tagging “LIVERPOOL” - the buildings are all so ornate- saw a temp reading 9 C- seen a couple double decker buses too. Pretty much any time we hit a red light I'm taking pics- there really are a lot of pigeons here- whoa- passed a “trailer park” seems to be full of modern art sculptors- too bad we didn't stop

someone in the front of bus us listening to Bad Romance lol- all of the natives are bundled up... most of our group threw their coats in their luggage cause it was ungodly warm in the airport loby- almost all the young men here have scruffy bed headed hair- reminds me of Neil lol

ok waiting outside the Generator with the pigeons is a little cold.

Pulled my hat out and got a paper cut...ow..trying not to bleed in my notebook- although I did prick myself sewing and bled on the one white patch I have...le sigh

(luckily you can't see the blood anymore win!)

sitting in the lobby after wandering around with my roommates, had a delicious chocolate croissant at the grocery now were trying to kill time before the scavenger hunt at 5:00...sigh

went down to the bar and hung out with everyone else, was a blast... the clubbing here is much better...a lot less crass, met some nice boys from Canada, an English boy who told me both my dancing and my acent was [we actually had a nice conversation about accents...he telling me that he had heard that most American girls like British accents...and I do have to say British is one of my favorite for accents....followed by Irish and Scottish...he sang a duet with one of the girls from our school (summer night's) it was great] and a boy from Australia who had the coolest jacket [wool kinda sailory looking thing with lots of buttons]...side story during karaoke some girls were singing “Don't Cry for Me Argentina” and I was singing along and the guy behind me asked me if I was Argentinian- because I was singing with so much emotion . I told him I was American and knew the musical, it was funny. Well everyone else is trying to sleep and I'm using my camera as a light, should get to bed.

eating breakfast- fyi black current jam- very tasty and they've got powdered coffee lol anywho some things I forgot last night : 2 Parisian girls asked me to take pics of them during their karaoke song (Blue aba dee aba dai) and later on in the night, after most of our giant group left “the US corner” we got replaced by a bunch of Brazilians and Argentinians and when Greg sang “Wonderwall” I was swaying with some RF people and the Brazilians and one of the Brazilian guys picked me up onto his shoulders after another set of guys did the same. This resulted in me still swaying- cheering Brazilians – and Greg and I singing across from each other and security yelling at us at the end of the song...anywho back to breakfast, apricot jam is alright but it mixes well with the black current- which is super delicious- I need to fill up my water bottle though

wasting some time in the lounge before class at 11- it's surprising how many people on the trip smoke- lol- although on the scavenger hunt last night a local lit up a joint while we were asking him where the British Library was- lol someone in our group was saying this was like the 4 th time something like this had happened and we've only been here like a day – it's kinda weird hearing so many different languages in one room though- but looking around it's apparent that almost any one with a computer has a net book so good choice on my part getting the Acer. And I plugged it in today using my crazy converter and it didn't explode so the voltage is all good. I also found out I can cheat the internet system here a bit. It's 1.50 pounds for an hour in the hostel but if you sign in long enough for gtalk [or skype] to sign in you can log out of DaPhix right away and gtalk [and skype] will stay connected but I wont waste minutes on my paid limit-won. Might go down to the internet cafe later in the week cause they have a student discount for the internet- just need to find people to go with cause the generator (our hostel) is kinda in a back alley. Well time to go to class- doing the walking tour of London at 2:00 today fun fun- looks rainy outside though XP

Just took the underground for the first time-

saw a mouse on the rails and “mind the gap” made me think of “Neverwhere” lol little TO'd though, I think my camera batteries are dying ans I didn't think to throw any spares in my bag yet- chilling by St. Paul's Cathedral waiting for our tour guide

(a through the cool trees shot of the Cathedral)

just got back from the walking tour- most people didn't like it very much though, it was cold and based in Shakespeare and Dickens-

I really enjoyed it though my batteries did die a bit after halfway through- ah well- my roommate Kelly and people went off to find “Diagon Alley” but I went with the walking group- no camera so didn't see the point of going just yet. Although the walk was fun- stopped at a Starbucks to warm up though. I think we're planing on going to the natural history museum in the morning on our free day- and pry some of the other free museums-w00t. During our walk though we past a space invader tile in one of the walls, saddened I didn't have working batteries, ah well. In Film class we watched the beginning of “Trip to the Moon” it was pretty cool- seemed like some of the class was less enthused. Well I should get back to typing this up for my blog. Gah lost my pencil for a bit there anywho typing I go

~6:06- the weather here is super funky, in film class Ken told us the forecast was “sunny with rain and snow” and honestly that's exactly what is was doing outside.


  1. Oh I am so jealous honey. I hope you can keep up this sort of a blog. It is fabulous and it sounds like you are leaping in with both feet and enjoying everything you can.
    good to read about your trip and cannot wait to hear more.

  2. Im sorry i mised you on GMTV Maddy i spent the weekend a drinking which by now you will have realised is gthe national passtime of the English I', going to see if I can find anyone who can get a copy but dont hold your breath