Saturday, January 30, 2010



trying the grape nut oatmealy cereal today- it's all right- would be better with more raisins, doesn't have much flavor. The teas smelt like a green tea and it's not bad when you add some sugar to it.

waiting for class to start- watching The 39 Steps today- it'll be super impressive if both classes [fit in here...apparently I got side tracked and did not finish this] – talking about finding fish and chips for lunch today

went down to the fish and chips shop with people and got a steak and kidney pie as take away- it was pretty good actually- and tried eating it by hand but it kept trying to leak everywhere yay for stealing airport silverware- although I got 1 big chunk of kidney and that was kinda nasty- lol

at the Criterion Theatre waiting for The 39 Steps to start,

it's so cute in here, very small guild-ed old theatre

intermission, the show is really funny. This entire theatre is like underground though, we are like 3 flights of stairs down from ground level... back to the show- they have been making fun of Hitchcock films- even threw in a silhouette of Hitchcock during the moor scene (which was all done in shadow puppets) saw platform 9 ¾ today :D and picked up an oyster card for the underground.

We've got really good seats though- although maybe too close- 3rd row in, the lime lights are at eye level. Talking with people and I think we're going on a pub crawl tonight- going to see if I can't sell my free drinks off lol- but no cover charge on the clubs so...funs. Groups been organizing a trip to Amsterdam during our free travel, apparently like 22 out of the 27 RF people are going. We're looking for discounts- they're selling ice cream during intermission – so cute. I think the group is enjoying the play a lot more then the movie [no one seemed to like the movie...aha well though] intermission seems super long though

play was really well done. Tube was super busy though- ick. Decided not to go on the pub crawl- too much of a hassle [ and it doesn't seem like people are going any more...I don't want to pay a cover charge for a pub just to socialize] going to see if I can get some homework done.

well homework didn't go as planed, I fell asleep next to my comp -lol- but maybe I can work on it now. My pencils seem to keep vanishing in my bag though- hopefully I wont wake up on top of one tonight. Plan for tom is to see Buckingham Palace and west minster- one before the film tour at 11 and one after. Greg and Rachel saw Chicago last night I think I might see if any one wants to go see Lion King with me. We've also talked about trekking out to the tower of London (London Bridge) and the Eye. Much planning going on. Oh and when we go to the globe we want to go down to the Thames because our tour guide [from the Shakespeare walk] was telling us that during Shakespeare's time you could buy a pipe of tobacco at the theater and people would throw their pipes in the river after the shows and to this day during low tides you can still find clay pipes all up and down the shore line. [ facebook seems to hate me right now which is unfortunate...must wait to find more reliable internet before I can properly download the new uploader thingy...le sigh]


  1. Of course I am disappointed that your class didn't enjoy the 39 steps film very much as it is one of my favorite Hitchcock movies. Glad to hear you are focussing on homework while having this great time :)

  2. went to fish and chips shop and came away with a steak and kidney pie... interesting :-P i would have gone with fish and chips.... num num num

  3. woot platform 9 3/4... and what a wonderful thing it is adding sugar to green tea... does wonders with lots of things :D

  4. My kids always have steak and kidney pie instead of fish too.I like the robert donat 39 steps, how could anyone not?