Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Day one, departure

No vlog today because it's too early in the morning for I don't have the software on this computer.

Woke up this morning, not to an alarm, but to a tail in my face. Apparently sometime during the night while I was asleep Kat Man and crept into my room and crawled up onto my bed and curled himself up on my pillows above my head. Gave him a few pets, heard his quite grumbly purrr, and decided it was time to get up (7:58am).

Heard the phone call from mom (backup wake up call, seeing as dad's alarm is on the fritz) as I was going up the stairs to wake dad up.

But he has told me 20 more minutes so I'm taking that time to talk to all of you.

It kinda feels like freshman year all over again, but in a weird and different way.
you're nervous, and excited, and it's all con-jumbled up inside your head so that sometimes you can't think straight...but I think it will all work itself out soon...:)

well it's 8:19
I should probably go wake up dad

hopefully after we get settled in the hostel I can put up another post, perhaps while I'm waiting in the airport though they'll have wifi, we shall see.

(sitting around in the Airport)

talk to you all soon


days till departure-0


  1. I think Katman is missing you. He is sort of wandering aimlessly around the house. I am too sort of. Am anxiously awaiting news on your journey. Love you honey

  2. aaah, I just have to say this... that cat seems so cool, and man! What a great name to name a cat! :D

    o yeah, try to contain yourself in those British dumpsters outside of museums.. :P