Monday, July 4, 2011


8:33 am

ok so on the 25th we did a tour of the Roman theatre ruins- way cool and then I went to the top of the Torre dei Lamberti. We walked up all 300 and some stairs and scurried down them all so we wouldn't go deaf when the bells went off at 4:30 lol

and I dragged Nate to the Cassa di Giulietta (the House of Juliet) – tee hee many young Japanese girls took our pic on the balcony- it was high-larious.

(view from the balcony)

Oh and the reason for all this running about sight seeing is due to us having a 3 day Verona card which lets us into a few select sights for free and a couple of sights for discount and the roman theatre was day 1- day 2 we toured the Coliseum (Arena) and one of the costumed guards made fun of my fast walking- I swing my arms lol.

(the Arena)

Then we spent a bit of time trying to figure out how to get to Milan which involved going to

[ 10:35 am Side Note- everyone was complaining about the 10 eurro charge for seat reservations- some people decided to wing it and not get reservations because the group that was staying in Venice for Free travel never got ticketed- I just watched the ticket taker charge them for a ticket => pry more then 10 Eurro too... and hell a day trip to Venice for 10 Eurro- awesome :D]

...involved going to the internet cafe then the train station (too busy) then back to the cafe (full) so we decided to just do it a different day and went on an adventure traveling down river to explore the boundary walls of the original Roman city. Which was way fun besides me getting kinda trapped in a youth sports park lol. We almost jumped a fence but decided that barbed wire and traffic wasn't worth saving on the walking distance but the walk was beautiful- way fun. And had a pleasant little chat along the way. Found some snails on the wall which seemed befitting seeing as at both the Roman Theatre and the Arena tours I was doodling snails- also found some shells near the walls in the Roman Theatre- way cool.

(snail I found)

(snail in the Roman Theatre)

(snail at the Arena...drawn with my foot)

Oh...don't know if I've mentioned this before but I'm falling back into my old habits of watching the ground while I walk- been picking up scarp metal blush only keeping the cool pieces and have been stringing up jewelry. Need to find some pretty string or stringer thread though- twine will only last me so long and it's a little rough on the neck...mar

(the Jewelry I made :D )

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