Monday, July 4, 2011


March 2, 2012 (I'm guessing I meant to write 2010 lol)

1:10pm (Switzerland)

Sitting in the Train Station o.O mrrr ok so here is what went down today

-got of a train to Milan at 5:40am went from Milan to Geneva. When we purchased these train reservations we were told that it was not possible to reserve the Geneva to Paris train in Verona so we decided to wing it. This was the first scary section. Second was this: Nate, Greg and I are sharing a room- Greg already had his tickets to Geneva to wing it to Paris when he decided to stay with us instead of Rachel. We tried to get on the same train as him but could not. Fun Fact: Greg's train is later in the day then ours now. So we arrive in Geneva at 12:18 and Greg will be arriving at 16:18. We figured we'd wait here for Greg and get three train reservations to Paris instead of abandoning poor Greg. So we told him yesterday that we'd meet him at his platform in Geneva- which is #6 and currently where I am sitting. Any who we arrive in Geneva find the ticket office and a departure schedule and find a train going out at 17:17 – perfect we think. Talk to the ticket office and they don't have 3 Eurail seats left on that train- we try the 19 something or other as well as the 20 something train- all full...The man behind the counter was quite pleasant with us and looked up if we could get there via Lyon or another station- no luck. The only trains with space were leaving at 13 something so Nate and I could get to Paris but this would severely screw over Greg- who as I am remembering now, meant to jot down the hostel information/map but did not- making me the sole carrier of all the info. So eventually hearing the phrase 'you can't get to Paris today' and over terrified looks we eventually work it out that yes we can get onto the 17:17 train we just need to pay for a ticket instead of a Eurail reservation... This is getting priced out in front of of us and it's about 124 Swiss Francs per ticket. For some crazed reason Nate looks over at me and says “I got this”- I am still in bewilderment at this emergency money business- meaning I don't have to reimburse Nate. I think we discussed me footing for lunch sometime which I think sounds like a horrible trade on Nate's side, but being the poor person I am I'll accept this lol.

(a 2 Swiss Franc coin)

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