Tuesday, July 5, 2011


10:32 am

“stop being cute and get out of my bed!”...best eavesdropped quote ever...lol- all of that aside apologies for being so behind in my writing. I'm going to use my half hour of internet time and then try to recap a bit kk brb.

11:12am Ok then, so the last thing I really talked about was trying to get to Paris ok then-

Well Greg, Nate and I made it safe to our Hostel. Figured out the metro to do so but it was super close to the station so it worked out well. Got a little nervous after walking for awhile because we thought we should have passed it by then, but no worries. The hostel (Vintage Hostel to be specific) was awesome. There was breakfast and our own bathroom with a tub shower and hot water X) on the 3rd we went on a walking exploration to the Moulin Rouge and Notre Dame...was way fun.

On the 4th we metro'd our way over to the Fiap Hostel which we determined has 'prime location' as it is across the street from :a Hospital, a Police Station, and a Mental Institution- oh and down a few blocks is a Prison...woooo....*sars* So we were the first ones to come and chill in the lobby and group by group we got to hear every-ones travel horror stories.

(weary travelers in the lobby)

Main factor never try to get out of Geneva it's nigh impossible with out spending loads of money. We did have one group call in saying they were kinda trapped in Switzerland and would be arriving late that night- this was all a little stressful. This was also Ally's travel group and she was my assigned roommate for the stay (btw Fiap has 2 person awesome rooms) but they eventually came in and all was well with the world.

(apparently I'm a super creep sometimes...this is Ally having fallen asleep reading in our awesome room)

Also dinner here has been awesome- hot food, lots of variety- awesomes.

So on the 5th we had our walking tour of Paris which was delayed by half and hour as the tour company had forgotten about us and only sent one guide for two groups-

(waiting for the tour guide at San Michael)

(although it worked out ok in the end...we got our adorably cute and quirky tour guide after a short wait)

(she told up all about the space invaders all around Europe...I remembered the one I saw in London and was extra disappointed hadn't gotten a picture...luckily I got this one by the Seine)

(did all the site seeing things)

(Eiffle tower from a distance)

(the Arc de Triomphe)

(a sweet picture of the flag)

Side Note- off to eat lunch and go to class I'll finish up later-

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