Wednesday, July 6, 2011


April 26th
5:10 pm (Rome)

wow it certainly appears as though I have dropped off the face of the earth- I never was very good at this whole daily thing and apologies to my readers for appearing to have died or some other terrible occurrence. I'm going to quick backtrack and read where I left off so as to try and pick up again on my tales of adventure.

...good gracious I left off in the 5th of march well let's get back tracking. So we were in Paris then- wow Paris seems so long ago-

anywho on the 6th we went to Notre Dame with the drawing class. To most of our class this was a poor poor choice. We were told to go and draw some perspective sketches. The only problem was that Bernie (our teacher) never really got a chance to teach us how to draw perspective and Notre Dame is a very intimidating building to be looking at to draw perspective. So we all scattered about and planted ourselves some where and started drawing. I spent quite sometime drawing a statue in a corner with stained glass

and tourists kept looking over my shoulders and taking pictures and such- it was quite strange.

Rachel found me later and we went out with Kyle for a lunch break.

(we were being silly at lunch)

When we got back I wandered behind Notre Dame,

(Malta Tent!)

helped Greg shade trees

and then Listened to a street piano player while I drew a bit of a bridge.

(this bridge to be exact)

I then worked my way back into Notre Dame and finished my first drawing

and did a sketch of the stained glass reflecting on the floor.

On the 7th we went to the Louvre, which was awesome and Bernie lead us around talking about Art- if I am remembering correctly it was here that we got yelled at for giving group tours not within the bounds of paying someone from the museum to do it but whateves- Saw loads of cool stuff and Nate had his pocket knife confiscated- poor Nate having habits and forgetting things lol. They gave him a claims ticket and a frown but he got it back so alls well that ends well. We went back to the Louvre on the 8th and sat around and drew statues-

I was sitting with Matt who nearly screamed at a woman for touching the art- he was muttering up a storm though

(side note: peeps that touch art absolutely make me cringe- It's way cool to touch the stone work of a building- you are touching history and that's awesome- but things hinging on the walls or behind velvet cords - not ok) Anywho- drew a statue at the Louvre

and then wandered Paris a bit, hung out at the Fiap a lot though- it really was a very nice place to hang out- even if the internet only worked in half hour shifts. Oh and in Paris we started having rehearsals for Rachel's one act - “Kissing Scene” I think it's coming along rather nicely.

Then on the 9th we went to the Rodin Museum- which was awesome btw Saw the Thinker- one of the main ones at least, Rodin made a kagillion of them- lol.

Had a fun time trying to find the front door where we were supposed to meet our class and apparently so did Kyle who came panting into the museum about 10 minutes into class saying “so this is the front entrance”- I thought he had just been on the other side of the building but it turns out that he had accidentally gone to the D'Orsay Museum instead of the Rodin- poor Kyle mistaking the buildings. It became a running joke on the trip though, mostly about Kyle being late or just on time for things.

Kyle and I have both watched a lot of Monty Python's Flying Circus and it was in Paris that we were discussing the Ministry of Silly Walks and through out the trip we have been-well walking funny behind peoples backs and giggling at their ignorance to our jokes. It's been great fun.

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